Let Us Manage BP Monitor Data Using WordPress Server and C#

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Sudip Chakraborty
Aithal P. S.


Purpose: Nowadays, due to our unhealthy lifestyle, hypertension is a common and serious issue. We visit the doctor for a regular checkup at specific intervals.  The doctor asks for a record of BP to review the medicine. Generally, we write our BP records on paper and carry them to show the doctor. There are a couple of disadvantages in this procedure. At first, most of the time, we did not find our paper at the time of the doctor's visit. Sometimes, the doctor is not able to read the handwriting. The doctor needs more time to estimate the high, low, and average BP record till the last visit. Sometimes, doctors prefer the BP curve. However, this procedure is more challenging. If any one of the events does not happen as expected, the treatment might go wrong. We need a good solution for the above all. We have the strength of various matured technologies. Applying those, we can solve the above situation quickly.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Now, the solution is to record our BP data electronically rather than handwritten so that doctors can understand it easily. To store the bp data, we use a database. We will use a cloud database so that it can be accessible from anywhere. We can use a PC or mobile application to enter the BP data. We must enter the current reading whenever we measure BP using the apps. That is it. The application does the rest of the process.

Findings/Result: As we describe, the procedure is primarily hectic. To enter bp data by opening is a time-consuming task. However, once familiar to us, it has excellent benefits. Once they adopt it, it will become a user-friendly tool to manage the BP data.

Originality/Value: Several procedures are available to store and display the BP record. The smartwatch is a generic device that stores the data inside the application and then displays it according to our needs. However, it has serious drawbacks; in some ranges ( as observed in the high range), it does not provide an accurate value. Here, we are capturing the bp data from a dedicated bp instrument, which we can consider a reliable data source. Our application aims to provide as accurate data as possible to the doctors who need information. So, the application provides actual value to the user.

Paper Type: Conceptual Research.

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Sudip Chakraborty, & Aithal P. S. (2024). Let Us Manage BP Monitor Data Using WordPress Server and C#. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 8(1), 1–9. https://doi.org/10.47992/IJCSBE.2581.6942.0333

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