Don’t Worry; AI will Take Care of Your Sweet Home

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Sudip Chakraborty
Aithal P. S.


Purpose: Now, we are in a bright living era. Smart devices and equipment surround us. We are familiar with beds, kitchens, bulbs, televisions, shoes, homes, etc., which are all smart. Around the clock, all the equipment and gadgets provide smart service to us. All these devices are suitable, but we might notice some things. Their smartness is bound inside their enclosure, not contributing to other activities. If smart bulbs get faulty, other standby lights should be triggered, and the report should be immediate. If cooking LPG is almost empty, book the cylinder automatically. We need a centralized control to coordinate all devices to address the issue. This research demonstrates using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage our sweet homes.

Design/Methodology/Approach: We install surveillance cameras in every corner of the house from where we need to capture the event and the action module to trigger the equipment. All the cameras are connected to one CPU, and all action modules are connected to one controller, which is attached to the CPU via a USB cable. When the system is powered up, it initializes all available cameras and action modules. The CPU always captures the image from every camera and analyzes the image around the clock. When it finds the incident, it finds from the database for action. Once the single action or series of actions is matched, take the action using the action module.

Findings/Result:  the described concept is the application of the advancement of technology of IoT and AI. We can improve our living environment by employing both technologies in our homes. This system provides us with the ability to manage every activity nicely.  We can have a secure life trusting technology. Every monotonous or repetitive task can be handled through this system, and we can be engaged with other innovative tasks. So, as a result, the outcome of the system is to enhance our quality of life in our busy lives.

Originality/Value/ Novelty:  we studied several research works on this home automation field. Most of the research is on creating home automation using IoT with the help of smart electronic gadgets. Whatever smart devices we install in our homes are manually operated. When busy with another task, we need something to take care of our sweet home. Most of the research work only fulfills our needs.  In this project, we fill those research gaps. We integrate the relevant technologies under one supervisory control, and we attach the AI to control not only logically but also emotionally. This kind of system fulfills our needs in our busy modern lives. So, this project will provide more value in our day-to-day activities.

Type of Paper: Conceptual Research.

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Sudip Chakraborty, & Aithal P. S. (2024). Don’t Worry; AI will Take Care of Your Sweet Home. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 8(1), 240–250.

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