Innovations, Best Practices, and Distinctiveness in Higher Education Administration – A Case of Srinivas University

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Aithal P. S.
Adithya Kumar Maiya
Nethravathi P. S.
Shubhrajyotsna Aithal
Laveena DeMello


Purpose: Research in "Innovations, Best Practices, and Distinctiveness in Higher Education Administration" through case studies of universities aims to identify novel approaches, successful strategies, and unique initiatives implemented by higher education institutions. By analyzing these case studies, researchers can uncover innovative practices that contribute to institutional excellence and effectiveness in administration. Ultimately, the research seeks to disseminate valuable insights and lessons learned to improve higher education administration and foster continuous improvement across universities.

Methodology: Exploratory research methodology is used where required information are collected through keyword-based search using Srinivas University website, Google search engine, Google scholar search engine, and AI-driven GPT MLM search engines.

Analysis & Interpretation: Ther information collected from relevant sources are analysed, compared, evaluated, and interpreted using various frameworks. This includes innovations and best practices in infrastructure administration, Innovations and best practices in Library Administration, Innovations and best practices in Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure, Innovations and best practices in Alumni Engagement, Innovations in Vison and Leadership, Innovations in the development of Institutional Strategic Plan, Innovations in Effectiveness of Administration, Innovations in Faculty Empowerment Strategies, Innovations in Financial Management and Resource Mobilization, and Innovations, best practices, and institutional distinctiveness in Internal Quality Assurance System.

Originality/Value addition: Based on the analysis some Suggestions on Innovations, Best Practices and Distinctiveness in Administrative related Activities are provided. By implementing the suggestions systematically, the university can realise its dream to become one among many world-class universities.

Type of Paper: Case study based scholarly research analysis

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Aithal P. S., Adithya Kumar Maiya, Nethravathi P. S., Shubhrajyotsna Aithal, & Laveena DeMello. (2024). Innovations, Best Practices, and Distinctiveness in Higher Education Administration – A Case of Srinivas University. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 8(2), 200–243.

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