Job Involvement of Nurses in a Selected Hospital – A Case Study

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Suneetha Raghu
Linus Benedicta D Souza


Purpose: Nurses play a significant role in health-care environments by direct patient’s care, collaborating with other health-care workers, and ensuring that the facility runs efficiently. A study on Assessing the Nurses Job Involvement at a Specific Hospital may have a variety of goals, including addressing issues with nursing practice, patient care, health-care administration, and overall hospital performance. This study information can be used to identify possible inefficiencies and regions of high demand, improving patient care and workforce management.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The research analysis was done by using descriptive statistics analysis and there are 40 nurses responded in the chosen hospital. Simple random sampling technique was adopted. All Nurses employed by hospital was included among the respondents. Internally validated and data was gathered by utilizing 5- point Likert scale. Frequency and Percentage was calculated to analyse the Nurses Job involvement.

Inclusion Criteria: The nurses who agreed to take part in this study are included.

Exclusion Criteria: A nurse who refuses to participate, absent, or takes a prolonged leave of absence during the data collection will be excluded.

Finding/Result: Originality/Value: Nurse's involvement with their job were identified in a positive manner such as comfortable in performing, job satisfaction, pre occupied and prioritize of their job, utilization of leaves, completing the responsibilities at their working place. From the study nurses' involvement in their job was analysed by using both the frequencies and percentages. The majority of the nurses have positive opinions about their job.

Paper Type: Case Study

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Suneetha Raghu, & Linus Benedicta D Souza. (2024). Job Involvement of Nurses in a Selected Hospital – A Case Study. International Journal of Health Sciences and Pharmacy (IJHSP), 8(1), 1–16.