Role of Traditional and Modern Advertising Strategies in the Evolving Consumer Behaviour

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Nandita Mishra
Aithal P. S.
Sanaya Wadkar


Purpose: In the dynamic landscape of marketing, both traditional and digital strategies have evolved significantly in recent years to better engage consumers and influence their buying behaviour. Traditional marketing approaches have embraced experiential events and personalization, while digital marketing has leveraged mobile optimization, content personalization, and influencer collaborations. These strategies aim to create meaningful connections with consumers, foster trust, and ultimately drive conversions. Understanding the impact of implementing these strategies on consumer buying behaviour is crucial for brands seeking to stay relevant and competitive in today's market. This paper studies role of advertising strategies in the evolving consumer behaviour

Methodology: The research technique involved secondary research supplemented by primary data collecting via a Google Form questionnaire. The research methodology included secondary research, which involves acquiring and analysing current literature, studies, and market reports on digital and traditional advertising, with primary data collection using a survey questionnaire.

Analysis/Results: The results of the study show that consumers clearly prefer digital advertising, and quite a few of them say it influences their decisions to buy. Despite digital advertising's dominance, conventional approaches continue to have an impact, especially on older audiences and those with lesser means. But in comparison to digital platforms, this power is waning. Customers show varied recall patterns for traditional and digital ads, suggesting subtle interactions with various media platforms. Due to their increased interaction with online information, younger demographics and higher income groups typically have higher recall rates for digital advertisements. It is evident that consumers prefer to do their research on products and services using digital platforms before making purchases, highlighting the significance of online channels in the decision-making process. Consumer purchasing behaviour is greatly influenced by recommendations found in both traditional and digital advertising. Nonetheless, it seems that digital recommendations have a little greater overall influence, which is consistent with the growing significance of online channels in influencing consumer choices.

Originality/Value: Research paper based on primary data collection

Type of Paper: Empirical Research

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Nandita Mishra, Aithal P. S., & Sanaya Wadkar. (2024). Role of Traditional and Modern Advertising Strategies in the Evolving Consumer Behaviour. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 9(2), 123–134.

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