Exploring Neuro Management: Bridging Science and Leadership – An Overview

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Aithal P. S.
C. P. D. J. Satpathy


Purpose: To develop a comprehensive overview of Neuro Management, by bridging the gap between scientific insights and effective leadership within organizational contexts based on exploring Neuro Management concepts, applications, and their implications for managerial practices.

Procedure: The overview begins by delineating the fundamental concepts and applications of Neuro Management, elucidating its relevance in leveraging neuroscience principles for enhancing leadership effectiveness. It then provides an extensive overview of key themes and contributions within the field, identifying foundational works and highlighting significant research directions. A critical analysis of the evolution of Neuro Management concepts is presented, identifying existing research gaps and tracing the evolutionary trajectory of the field. Furthermore, a conceptual framework is developed, integrating neuroscience principles with leadership practices, and delineating a structured approach for applying neuroscience insights in leadership contexts.

Analysis: The paper discusses the neural mechanisms underlying various aspects related to Neuro Management, exploring decision-making processes, emotional intelligence, and their neural correlates. Subsequently, it analyzes how Neuro Management concepts bridge the gap between scientific insights and effective leadership, highlighting the translation of neuroscience findings into practical leadership strategies. Moreover, the implications of Neuro Management for organizational practices, decision-making, team dynamics, and productivity are expounded upon, emphasizing its transformative impact on enhancing organizational performance. The study assesses the connection between human productivity and Neuro Management, focusing on how Neuro Management strategies affect organizational effectiveness. The study also critically analyzes leadership and neuro management from a managerial perspective, evaluating their effects on organizational outcomes and their roles in decision-making. Additionally, it explores how different Neuro Management models that are helpful in decision science might be applied to create efficient decision-making processes. Furthermore, the paper adopts an ABCD listing framework, analyzing Neuro Management from Managers' Points of View, evaluating its Advantages, Benefits, Constraints, and Disadvantages. Finally, it suggests postulates for future research and practical applications in Neuro Management, emphasizing areas warranting further exploration and implementation.

Originality/Value: This comprehensive overview aims to serve as a foundational resource in the expanding field of Neuro Management, offering insights, analyses, and frameworks for advancing leadership practices informed by neuroscience principles.

Type of Paper: Conceptual exploratory research.

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Aithal P. S., & C. P. D. J. Satpathy. (2024). Exploring Neuro Management: Bridging Science and Leadership – An Overview. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters (IJAEML), 8(2), 39–73. https://doi.org/10.47992/IJAEML.2581.7000.0223

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