Rama’s Orange Peel Emotional Intelligence

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Shyam B. R.
Aithal P. S.


Purpose: We homosapians are natural to emotions. We all have different personalities, different wants, needs, and different ways of showing emotion. Yes, it is a natural tendency of every individual to express, show, or to have emotions. Today organizations for a long period who believe that the success of a person at the workplace depends only on the level of intelligence is a false statement, instead, organizations believe that they need a very important soft skill called emotional intelligence to achieve organizational goals. This research paper is a thought-provoking blend of management, science, and mythology. The researcher elucidates how Rama’s EQ and his positive psychology explain EI. The outcome of the research assists Rama’s orange peel emotional intelligence for individual personalities to discover them as well as to understand insights into how to navigate challenging situations & emotions in everyday life & workplace.

Objectives: The researchers have established the undermentioned primary objectives and the present study investigates 3 broad research questions: (1) To examine the positive psychology of Rama. (2) To evaluate Rama’s contemporary principles of emotional intelligence. (3) To identify Rama’s orange peel emotional intelligence.

Methodology: The study is based on both secondary & primary evidence. Hypotheses are stated for the various variables selected and scrutinized to prove or disprove the same without any errors.

Findings/Result: The study found Ramayana with many characters mirrors the range of human emotions & correlates positive psychology, and contemporary principles of EI. Modern organizations are highly evaporating, and dynamic and demand higher productivity. Tasks cannot simply be accomplished individually or by working with others in fixed ways. For all these, the one and only answer to cope with the pressure cooker situations that are the reality of the workplace is a right mixture of head and heart (Emotional Intelligence) & the new wellness trend Rama’s orange peel emotional intelligence.

Research Limitations: Innovative technologies and rapid changes in the business environment have created corporate managers undesirable traits like anxiety, fear, worries, stress, and strain in the lifestyles of individuals. Opening the doors of Head & Heart (Emotional Intelligence) through Rama’s orange peel emotional intelligence can reframe and transform the limitations. In the current research, an attempt is made by the researchers to comprehend the research gap in the area hence a conceptual idea is proposed and the research goes further to advance significance to discover the degree of relationship to interpret characters from Ramayana to explain Rama’s orange peel emotional intelligence.

Originality/Value: So with compelling changes in the present dynamic, scientific, and business environment the paper throws light on what the corporate world looks like from managers is a new strategies that are followed at the workplace and different yardsticks that are used to judge people because they not only judge how smart you are, what is your experience or what is your educational qualification but also how well you are able to tackle yourself and others through Rama’s orange peel emotional intelligence.

Paper Type: The study is based on both secondary & primary evidence. There are many characters in the Ramayana, with each one having good and bad qualities. Many characters are alike in intelligence but differ in their ethical characteristics. Hence, researchers have put their effort into giving intelligence ratings as well as ethical ratings to the major characters in the research. However, this is not a definitive list.

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Shyam B. R., & Aithal P. S. (2024). Rama’s Orange Peel Emotional Intelligence . International Journal of Philosophy and Languages (IJPL), 3(1), 9–22. https://doi.org/10.47992/IJPL.2583.9934.0025

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